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Looks superb in our kitchen, love the colours, brightens up the whole space. Love it, Love it, love it.

Jane / VIC

I bought this painting for my guest room in my coastal home, it brings a cheerful vibe to the room.Guests have commented how they love the holiday fun look of this painting.

Tia / VIC

Thank you so much I am so happy with the piece … I already feel it has transformed my little unit!


I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you, and to let you know that your painting ‘Freedom’ arrived safely this morning. I have just opened it and it is truly exquisite, more gorgeous than I expected, you are certainly a very gifted artist!I will treasure this little ‘breath of heaven’ aways.

Sharney / NSW

I commend you on your beautiful and Colourful work that brings healing and spiritual depth to all those who veiw. Thank you for bringing your unique design’s to our world.


Your work heals me in such a deep way. I know that you work will heal many people on our planet.

Kathryn Taylor / East Malvern VIC

Helen Joynson’s paintings have given my home a very warm vibe. I see something different every time I view them. They are very peaceful and give wonderful harmony to my home.

Robyn / VIC

As an owner of Child Care Centres it’s very important to have a Happy Foyer, first impressions count highly in my business. Helen Joynson’s paintings have done this perfectly, I am very pleased with the result. Many clients have commented on my good feeling Child Care Centres.

C. Mathews / Robins Nest VIC

I am absolutely thrilled with my painting its creates a uplifting feeling. Most people when viewing have said one word “WOW”.


Welcome to Helen Joynson Art Heals

Australian Psychic Artist

The designs show a myriad of colour combinations, depth and dimension that enlightens your soul. The inspiration comes from Spirit on the other side of life, to show us how art heals through colour.

The message Spirit wants to relay with the unique artwork, is that colour plays an essential part of our daily lives – colour to the soul is as important as food to the physical body. The more colour we absorb the healthier and stronger of both body and Spirit we are. This is why we often find ourselves attracted to the spiritual stimulus of colour.

One can immerse themselves in the detail of delicate movements of colour as it comes alive in each design, reflecting the way we should all live together – in harmony and with the environment. Harmony and also serenity are essential in our daily lives, capturing and reflecting on the beauty around us.

To have the right Art in your Home, Place of Work, Hospitals etc. Changes the energy to be more uplifting even if the art is in another room.

The Vibration of your home will change to be more uplifting.

The perfectly balanced designs reflect the way nature must be balanced to thrive. The health of our Planet is important in helping sustain the universe.

All designs have an energy which uplifts our spirit -in other words Art Heals.

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